15+ Collections of Minimalist Web Design

I always enjoy looking at good minimalist web design. Here are my 15+ favorite collections of articles featuring minimalist design, comprising nearly 650 examples:

  1. DesignFestivalTop Minimalist Website Designs: Trends and 23 Examples
  2. Desizn Tech — Why minimal web design works? 6 Examples and analysis (404 link removed 2017/02/19)
  3. Hongkiat100+ Clean, Simple And Minimalist Website Designs
  4. Line2550 Inspiring Examples of Minimalism in Web Design
  5. Six Revisions40 Beautiful Examples of Minimalism in Web Design
  6. Six Revisions30 Beautiful Clean and Simple Web Designs for Inspiration
  7. Smashing MagazineShowcase Of Clean And Minimalist Designs (40+ examples)
  8. Smashing MagazinePrinciples Of Minimalist Web Design, With 80+ Examples
  9. Speckyboy20 New and Free Minimal WordPress Themes
  10. Speckyboy35 Effective Examples of Minimalism in Web Design
  11. Splashnology35 Examples of Minimalism in Modern Web Design (404 link removed 2016/03/24)
  12. SpyreStudiosShowcase of 20 Minimalist Grid-Based Web Designs (404 link removed 2015/08/11)
  13. SpyreStudios56 Light & Clean Website Designs Using A Minimalist Color Scheme (404 link removed 2015/08/11)
  14. Tripwire Magazine50 Best Responsive WordPress Themes
  15. Web Design Ledger25 Fresh Examples of Minimalist Web Designs

That should get you going, let me know if you know of any that should be added to the list :)