Tools & resources for WordPress

Simple Basic Contact Form

This is just what it says: a simple & basic contact-form plugin for WordPress. Written specifically for the xy.css matrix, the SBCF plugin delivers clean emails and markup without breaking the grid. All settings controlled via the lush comforts of the WordPress Admin. Matrix styles included via the readme.txt file.

Download SBCF from the Plugin Directory

Clean Markup Widget for WordPress

When adding content to your sidebar, it’s nice to be able to output clean, well-formatted markup. There are several ways to do this, including adding HTML directly in the theme template, installing a plugin, or simply using a widget. Widgets provide a great way of customizing sidebars and other widgetized areas, but as you may have seen in the source-code, the HTML is treated with all sorts of additional attributes, elements, and classes. Sometimes, you just need a widget that outputs exactly what you tell it to, without adding or changing anything.

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Simple Ajax Chat

Simple Ajax Chat displays a fully customizable Ajax-powered chat box anywhere on your site. SAC is simple yet fully customizable with all the features AND outputs clean HTML markup for easy styling. Perfect for grid-based designs.

Download Simple Ajax Chat from the Plugin Directory

User Submitted Posts

User Submitted Posts enables your visitors to submit posts and images from anywhere on your site via template tag or shortcode. User-submitted posts optionally include tags, categories, post titles, and more. You can set submitted posts as draft, publish immediately, or after some number of approved posts. Also enables users to upload multiple images when submitting a post. USP outputs clean markup for easy styling on the grid.

Download USP from the Plugin Directory