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Grid-based design = Progressive enhancement

As awesome as they are, grid-based designs are by no means a requirement. If you’re racing the clock to complete a project, spending extra time to align everything to a grid would be laughable to most designers. Rather, the grid (or matrix) should be integrated early in the design process as a progressive enhancement.

Synthetic Normalization

Out of all the HTML elements, forms are the absolute worst for designing on the liquid matrix. Okay technically it’s not the form elements themselves, but the way which each browser displays them.

Endless Matrix

Matrices are numerically calculable to any dimension. This enables designers to create pixel-perfect layouts that scale to any browser width and height. Keeping the xy matrix consistent across @media queries fosters fluid, responsive designs using the least amount of code. By taking advantage of the CSS cascade, it’s possible to integrate responsive styles in the most streamlined manner possible.

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