The One-Minute Dofollow WordPress Upgrade

Want to upgrade your blog to official dofollow status but don’t want to install another unnecessary plugin? This article explains how to eliminate nofollow tags from all trackback, pingback, and commentator links in less than one minute..

After finally repenting of my nofollow sins, I began looking for the best way to eliminate the nofollow attributes that WordPress automatically injects into all commentator URL links.

Of course, the most popular technique for removing nofollow attributes from comment links involves one of the many fine dofollow plugins that are freely available to WordPress users. Beyond nofollow removal, many of these plugins also provide additional features, such as control over when and where nofollow tags should be removed. Many of these plugins are highly recommended.

After considering the various dofollow plugins, I came to the conclusion that most of them were simply overkill. My goal was to remove all nofollow attributes from commentator links — nothing more, nothing less. For this site, I just don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles. And I certainly don’t need yet another resource-draining plugin to worry about..

So, I decided to (gasp!) hack the WordPress core itself. It is not only possible to remove all nofollow tags without a plugin, it is absolutely, positively, drop-dead easy to accomplish. Don’t believe me? Check it out..

The One-Minute Dofollow WordPress Upgrade

  • Open wp-includes/comment-functions.php and locate function get_comment_author_link()
  • Within that function, find rel='external nofollow' and delete the nofollow (and preceding space).
  • Done.

And that’s all there is to it. After removing that single parameter, every author link for comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks will be followed by search engines and thus pass link juice to their target pages. No plugins required!