shapeSpace WordPress Theme

[ shapeSpace ] shapeSpace is the starter template that I use for creating my own WordPress themes and WordPresspowered sites. It’s evolved quite a bit along with WordPress over the years, striking what I find to be a good balance between utility, flexibility, and performance. shapeSpace is basically a starter theme that combines a robust set of theme options with a lightweight set of template files. It’s a “premium” starter template that’s clean, current, and 100% free.

Starter theme

shapeSpace is designed to be used as a starting point for building your own themes and projects with WordPress. It’s a solid foundation with lots of options and easy to wrangle template code.

For example, instead of building a new theme from scratch, I grab a copy of shapeSpace, set some options to configure the basics, and I’m ready to dive into the CSS and focus on the design. Plus the theme template contains a minimal, essential selection of code, so it’s lightweight with plenty of room to work under the hood.

Why bother with another WordPress theme?

Sure there’s plenty of awesome WordPress themes, so why bother with another “freebie” theme? Easy. I use this theme for my own projects and want to share and give back to the WordPress community. Plus, preparing the theme for public use according to WP standards improved its quality substantially, which by itself makes this a useful exercise. Time well spent, IMO.

What it is, what it isn’t

shapeSpace is focused on robust options and clean template files. It includes a sparse style.css file that applies a few basic styles to help visualize the design, but it’s meant to be ripped out and replaced with your own amazing CSS wizadry.


Here are some screenshots of shapeSpace:

[ shapeSpace Front-end Design ]
shapeSpace includes just a splash of CSS to help visualize the design

[ shapeSpace Theme Options ]
shapeSpace features a healthy set of theme options

[ shapeSpace Backup Options ]
shapeSpace makes it easy to backup and restore your theme settings


Here are some of the features of shapeSpace:

  • CSS3/HTML5
  • Clean, valid code
  • Clean, responsive default layout
  • Built-in tools for xyCSS responsive grid
  • Theme Options via WP Settings API
  • Checked against Theme Check plugin
  • Built-in options for most commonly used features/settings
  • Designed for code wranglers who want to jumpstart theme design
  • Squeaky clean code with focus on detail and performance
  • Includes backup/reset theme options
  • Modular 1:1 theme design
  • Universal browser support
  • 100% GPL (General Public License)

Settings include

A big part of what makes shapeSpace useful is its robust set of theme options, which include:

  • Post Thumbnails
  • Custom Post Formats
  • Custom Menus
  • Theme Customizer
  • Custom Headers
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Header Widgets
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Footer Widgets
  • Custom Excerpts
  • Custom Formatting
  • Built-in Basic WP SEO
  • Options to clean up the WP <head>
  • Custom image sizes
  • Linked thumbnails
  • Custom include jQuery
  • Custom fonts (via Google Fonts)
  • Responsive Grid via xyCSS
  • Custom CSS/JS files
  • Custom User Profiles
  • Threaded Comments
  • Support for Modernizr
  • Custom comments display
  • Custom comments form many more excellent features and settings to help streamline and jumpstart theme development and design.

To Do

As much as I wanted to get to these items, they’ll have to wait for a future update:

  • Localization (currently partially implemented)
  • Improve comment list styles
  • Integrate other xy/grid tools
  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Taxonomies


Questions, comments: leave a comment. Please report bugs via email.


WP Theme - shapeSpace – Version 1.7 (175 kB zip)