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Stop Bitacle from Stealing Content

If you have yet to encounter the content-scraping site,, consider yourself lucky. The scum-sucking worm-holes at are well-known for literally, blatantly, and piggishly stealing blog content and using it for financial gains through advertising. While I am not here to discuss the legal, philosophical, or technical ramifications of […]

Permalink Enlightenment

I recently enabled the permalinks feature for a fresh WordPress 2.0.2 upgrade. The process required several hours of research and approximately 90 minutes to fully implement. This brief article summarizes the process and applies to the following setup:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “Are you a book publisher?” Answer: Yes. In addition to providing many free tutorials and projects at this website, Perishable Press also publishes books on WordPress, Web Design, and related topics. Here are the currently available books published by Perishable Press: WordPress Themes In Depth Digging into WordPress .htaccess […]

Welcome to Dungeon!

This is where I put everything that is related to the operation of the Perishable Press website. The name “Dungeon” started as a joke back in 2005 (based on the old Black Tiger video game), and just kinda stuck around, mostly because I am too lazy to change it to […]