Much ado about nofollow: The Perishable Press Dofollow Series

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Oh great, not another article about WordPress nofollow!!” Well, if that sounds like you, I have good news! This is the last post (at least for awhile, anyway) concerning all things nofollow, dofollow, and even no-nofollow, for that matter. In fact, this post isn’t even about nofollow! It’s simply a summary of the articles I have written involving nofollow-related topics. The articles fit together so well, one might suppose they were planned deliberately as a bona fide series. Hmmm.. I’ll leave it up to you to decide:

The Perishable Press no-nofollow/dofollow Article Series

  1. Death to Nofollow — when I first saw the light.
  2. Repenting of My Nofollow Sins — after a long, cold trip to the dark side.
  3. Comprehensive Reference for Dofollow Plugins — no more excuses for nofollowing links.
  4. The One-Minute Dofollow WordPress Upgrade — see how easy it is to upgrade your site.
  5. The Deluxe One-Minute Dofollow Upgrade — selectively remove nofollow attributes.
  6. Inustrial Strength WordPress Dofollow Upgrade — “wipe them out.. — all of them.”
  7. Nofollow Blacklist for Commentator Links — gain power over spam scum.
  8. WordPress Nofollow-Blacklist Plugins — nofollow blacklisting the easy way.
  9. Dofollow Whitelist for Commentator Links — reward your favorites with some dofollow love.
  10. The Ultimate Nofollow Blacklist — “this blacklist is now the ultimate power in the universe!”
  11. Much Ado About Nofollow: The Perishable Press Dofollow Series — one post to list them all!

..and with that, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming ;)