January 2003: Saturday Night Art Chat

january 2003 ~9:30pm :::>

<@omik>what are you up to
<binary>DLa 17
<@omik>doin layout n sh*t?
<@omik>ah yeh?
<@omik>oh yeah!!!
<binary>ahh yeh
<binary>and it is sweet indeed
<@omik>any perks yet?
<binary>like buttAH
<binary>i need a smoke
<@omik>chat a spell - smell.
<@omik>here it comes
<binary>its been hourz
<@omik>maybe we should leave the cold smoker pic up there as a break signal?
<@omik>how long you been working on the layout?
<@omik>are you almost done?!!
<@omik>how is coming along?
<@omik>having any problems?
<@omik>did you use all the goods?
<@omik>my but itches?
<@omik>viral injection
<binary>that is why you fail
<binary>never a smoke in you..
<binary>young padawan
<binary>feeel the smokes...
<@omik>paddling juan
<binary>let go yourself
<@omik>suh - theh haff gun upf thu venullashun shapht!
<binary>kill yourself now
<@omik>did you get the pic?
<binary>ahh yess
<@omik>in the e-snailz
<binary>very exquisite
<binary>butter stall
<binary>butter jonez
<binary>smoh breh ma suh?
<binary>in five
<@omik>make it 8
<binary>ATE THIS!!
<@omik>aight up!
<@omik>who is here?
<@omik>chris san?
<binary>sum one i know
<binary>i know u
<binary>i no u
<Anon_50>what's the word?
<@omik>what are yo up to?
<@omik>been doin any art?
<@omik>i need some serious akriliks advice. (akrikulus)
<binary>keep talkin
<Anon_50>art? yer seeing it
<@omik>why don&rsquo;t you shut up!
<@omik>keep running yer fawking moutgh all teh <@omik>endhlalkjen
<binary>pimp smak!
<@omik>i snagged some old pulp mags today!
<@omik>westerns and sci-fi from the 40&rsquo;s
<@omik>&quot;satan&rsquo;s sombrero&quot;
<@omik>scored them from lisa&rsquo;s dad
<@omik>he used to be a &quot;collektor&quot;
<binary>hot choker
<@omik>he just collects movie posters now
<@omik>red hot
<binary>win win
<binary>2 up
<binary>how was papa zan, Anon_50?
<@omik>papa&rsquo;n in yer oven
<Anon_50>papa was the mama
<binary>heavy hit her?
<Anon_50>she wasn't a quitter
<@omik>*you gonna smoke down in a few still?*
<binary>i hope so
<binary>got to get up first
<@omik>*i need to scape the computer for a spell - are you foam car?*
<@omik>*drivin the foam car tonite?*
<Anon_50>i was on my lips
<@omik>no - iwas on your lips. you frog-sucker
<binary>suck this
<Anon_50>Homey don&rsquo;t play that
<@omik>*aright - *
<binary>mommy dew
<@omik>no but HOMEY-seksual does
<binary>ps i love u
<@omik>i love yer mom
<binary>i lover this game
<@omik>this drawing in getting out
<@omik>out of kontrol
<binary>layout is almost done!
<@_>you liar
<binary>almost there!
<binary>serious, homey
<@#>homo don't play (with) that!
<&job>take this!
<@$>chris - you diggin on any ideas for the next couple months?
<@hole>up yers
<@hole>chris-you trippin out or what? watch out for the scan lines!
<&job>in the dead of night
<@~>sink it
<#cake>chris i am stepping out for a smoke
<@~+%>i am going offline fellaz
<@~+%>done forgit to save this piece
>%nu<if are still here when i get back
>%nu<we will continue
<@axmint>chris-you should load up some of the other old ones if you havent <@~+%>seen them yet
<%nu>be back online after a spell
<@last>but you may be
<@last>you buttonhole

Saturday Night Art Chat/Sketch, January 18th, 2003