Dune Lakes Adventure

second visit to dune lakes with audio recorder & video camera..


i love the fog.

entering mae valley westshore drive…

seems the fog has lifted — to a degree.
we have… extremely light showers,
barely a thing.
fog. who knew.
but let me just say this:
pink floyd in the house
— ahh yeah.

ninja driver — perfect, and without flaw.
attempts the green light,
white camper in front
— lookin’ tuff.
left turn,
mcdonald’s, exxon,
american flag.
left turn camper.
bronco nine o’clock.
normal lights.
burger king went out of business
— nope not burger king…
what is it — something’s out of business…
let’s see, to the right, an arco station — out of business.
burger king… arz… enter arbys, exit arbys.
20 miles per hour… 7:18…
pink floyd, david gilmour (i think), ummagumma.

fresh express.

"…following the path as it leads toward the darkness in the north…"

pretty heavy stuff.
i’m glad that the cops don’t patrol these streets.
okay, where are we at —

"…if you want to stay for a little bit…"

stream of lights…
here comes the roundabout.
yield clover drive
— no we don’t want that.
let’s do a left turn — yawnazawa boulevard.
speed limit 35 — actual limit…
— fighters, 3pm,
coming in tight and low.
car fight.
it’s a car fight.


what are they talkin’ about…
i’m gonna have to actually listen to this song.
note to self: actually listen to songs.
not just pretend listening.

more often.

ha ha.

okay we’ve got a merge
— two white cars coming in for a car fight.
right turn on the roundabout.
yield — nothing…
only smoothness
on the fresh express.



yawnazawa boulevard…


okay, i’m gonna put a beat to this
and sell it.

a beatdown.

( i hope my finger’s not on the mic )

okay, i may have to hit pause
— this is becoming too much.
but hold on, keep right…
upper black arrow,
yellow black sign,
one way on to a yield… roundabout…
i think it’s about the six or the seventh one…
says division street to the right,
car fight possible.
i see belmont ave…
division street right turn,
speed limit 35…
where am i at…


bridge — I-90, outta nowhere.
bright lights,
rollin’ it tuff…
rollin’ it tuff…
speed limit 45.

i’m like, i’m sure glad cops don’t know how to use these things.
or maybe they do — i don’t know.
if you’re a cop, i think things would be better if you weren’t harrassing me right now.


speed limit 40 increase to 45…
jet pilot, ninja driver.
this is ninja driving tonight.
where’s the fog..
where’s the fog..
this is almost pretty redundant and cheesy i know.
but, it’s just an experiment.
i wanna use this tape recorder, talk a little bit — say how ya doin’…
— like to thank my fans,
all those who supported me in the last election…
i’m… so glad, that you think that i’m a person that… is capable, and… determined to lead.
as myself.
…and to those of you that say…
they thought it cannot be done…
it can.
and it will.

on pelican point, were gonna make a right turn,
and we should say thanks.
another honda just like mine
— it looked like my wife’s car,
like she’s following me.
it’s like pickin’ up a friend you know.
all of a sudden… right turn, driving down…
suddenly car
— could be somebody i know —
followin’ me.

sweet ass rrx sign.
and a rrx cross walk, white painted…


railroad’s comin’ up — tryin’ to be casual about it…
not gonna slow down too much this time because i’m being followed by someone
gotta shake em.
you know, don’t wanna get em too close to me.
25 miles per hour is the speed limit, 25 miles per hour is what i’m drivin’.
a lot of people like to speed through here…
myself, i don’t think that’s necessary —
i just don’t like to be followed like this.
unless it’s my wife, in which case, i don’t know.

so what i’m gonna do, is play it safe and turn in, because it’s no harm done.

you know what i mean.

so were gonna turn in… see what happens.
please pass there ya go thank you.
now don’t follow me no more.
because i don’t want to be followed by you.
crazy car… you can no longer be who i think you were
— trust me on this one.
you must listen to your instincts on this,
because i know a light that is not usually on
is on again.
and we’ve got some excellent theme music
as we drive by,
not keeping it real.
sorry but i…i’m just not keeping it real right now.
you know i’d like to, but you know i… kind of lost my groove,
and i need to get my groove back.
so, you need to start… putting your fingers
in your throats
and droppin’ em drawers…
going to make a real difference when we conquer these cars
that are driving past.
a real difference about how the cars will be
when they pass.
tah tah tah.
cahs and trks.
and we’re going to make a right turn on potato h,h… potato hill
we’re going to make right turn on potato hill…
with the cotton mouth extremeness.

we are going out to dune sands.
yes again ladies and gentlemen.
dune sands and some incredible pink floyd.
it had to be in the mix
i must say.

railroad crossing,
as real as real can be.
i journey through time…
i journey through space…
there are lights on the ceiling,
bright lines on the street,
and fog in the sky.

okay and you will not believe what i’ve just found…
a bit higher i have seen the clouds.
they’re here and we make the right turn…
easy, fresh express.
dune lakes express.
dune lakes.
— time for the video camera.
i see cars — there are cars about.
it’s only 7:30, dita — that doesn’t matter i suppose…

"drums stuff"
"pink floyd"
"nick mason"

Video - Dune Lakes – Version 1.0 (2 MB zip)

did you get that.
well it’s time for me to go,
over and out.