About Perishable Press, First Edition

Editor’s Note: This post contains the contents of the first version of the “About Perishable Press” page, which was online since the site’s launch in August 2005 until updated in June 2007. The content is posted with an historical archival date to avoid disruption of regularly scheduled programming.


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Overview [ ^ ]

I have been blessed with the gift of creativity. I give thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for this talent, and for the ability to manifest the continuous flow of inspiration and creativity through projects such as this website for the Perishable Press.

The Perishable Press serves as an online portal through which diverse multimedia projects, interests, and ideas come together as an integrated expression of creativity.

Perishable projects include writing, drawing, painting, digital graphics, desktop publishing, website design, audio mixing, video editing, and digital photography.

The Perishable Press also features ideas and philosophy concerning the process of cultivating creative enlightenment, integrating creative endeavors, and maximizing creative lifestyles. Other topics involve subjective relativism, critical analyses, and, of course, biblical principles.

Central contributors to Perishable Press include myself, Perishable, August Klotz, m0n, and x. Perishable Press is owned, produced, and operated by Perishable.

We encourage your comments regarding the topics presented in the Perishable Press, and welcome article submissions on any topic related to the content of this website.

Purpose [ ^ ]

The purpose of this website is to provide an open forum through which information is collected, organized, and shared. The information covered via this website focuses on topics from several different perspectives, including creativity, artistic expression, inspiration, and criticism. From these perspectives writers explore the intellectual understanding of their particular creative endeavors, which generally involve art, music, video, graphics, websites, technology, and lots of philosophical contemplation and debate.

Philosophy [ ^ ]

When we first launched Perishable Press, we had the wrong idea. We were somehow thinking so highly of ourselves that we had assumed that there would be people actually stopping by and maybe even contributing some content. Ha. After a few months of that game, we passionately embraced a new strategy of diligence, patience, and persistence. So here we are, working together for the sake of prospering on the World Wide Web, evolving an understanding of our collective creative efforts, and providing a resource to share with others.

Technical [ ^ ]

System Information:

  • Computer System – Sony VGC-RB40 X86-based PC
  • Operating System – Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Windows Version – 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
  • Processor Type – Intel Pentium 4, 530J HT, 3.00GHz
  • Physical Memory – 512.00MB PC-3200 400MHz DDR
  • Local Hard Drive – 200GB 7200rpm Serial ATA Drive
  • Ethernet Capacity – 10Base-T/100Base-TX Fast
  • Connection Speed – ~5000Kbps down | ~4400Kbps up

Geographical Data:

  • Time Zone – Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • Physical Location – 47.5789? Latitude, -122.7986? Longitude

Authors [ ^ ]

Perishable ^

Perishable is the alias of the creative entity responsible for the myriad manifestations of artistic inspiration revealed in the six unique personas represented as contributing authors within this website, the Perishable Press. Perishable as alias began in the hot summer of 1993 in a small, sad hut hiding deep within the Desert Oasis. The evolution of the various creative personalities requires clear thinking, an open mind, and a dash of paranoid schizophrenia (verified & documented). Perishable the artist develops artwork as an expression of alternate states of subconscious exploration, resulting in a deeper understanding of each personified medium respectively. A working understanding of the creative process and an enlightened awareness of artistic paradigms enables the critical thinking and analyses presented via the Perishable Press.

Augustus Klotz.x, III ^

Contributing Press Author, August Klotz, writes on subjects spanning the philosophical spectrum. Professor Klotz holds degrees in both Biochemistry and Psychology from the University of Washington in Seattle. The Professor has lectured on artistic principles such as creative momentum, individualistic relativism, and subjective expressionism. August Klotz contributes priceless efforts to many organizations, including art{space} Magazine Online, the Design_Netwerk, and the Perishable Press. August Klotz was also instrumental in developing and maintaining the underground art publication, Dead Letter Art.

The 0racle ^

Wh0 is the 0racle? What is the answer? D0es any0ne really kn0w anything? Is it all relative? 0r d0es absolute truth exist? What I am I trying to say? When I speak, hear as if you kn0w wh0 I am. I l0ve th1s game. What sayest thou, numero dos? Nur Mensch, als Sie sind.

Jeff Starr ^

I am Perishable.

m0n ^

According to a recent survey, m0n is a Social Liberal (63% permissive) and an Economic Liberal (30% permissive). m0n is best described as a Democrat because he exhibits a very well-developed sense of “right” and “wrong” and believes in economic fairness. Yeah, right.

x ^

(Coming Soon)