2007 Jul 03
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How to Block IP Addresses with PHP

Figuratively speaking, hunting down and killing spammers, scrapers, and other online scum remains one of our favorite pursuits. Once we have determined that a particular IP address is worthy of banishment, we generally invoke the magical powers of htaccess to lock the gates. When htaccess is not available, we may summon the versatile functionality of PHP to get the job done. This method is relatively straightforward. Simply edit, copy and paste the following code example into the top of any PHP for which you wish to block access: Read more »

July 03rd, 2007

deep in the trenches of cyberspace flow to the rhythms of ancient pursuits the focus and immediacy of now this very moment nothingness, details elaborate, exquisite, atmospheric details, nonetheless i embrace the present moment, transforming chaos into reason Read more »

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