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Planning with Detachment

Editor’s note: the following is an unedited excerpt from a spontaneous thought stream captured while exploring a chemically altered state of consciousness — i.e., not to be taken too seriously. Any spelling, grammatical, and/or other errors appear below as they exist within the original text and have been left unedited for full effect. planning with detatchmentt: //how is art categorized in the mind? by which mechanisms are images organized, classified, and understood? consider alternate possibilities concerning how art is thought of and appreciated. look at a trash can. find one. now look at it, for a moment, and ask yourself […] Read more »

January 2003: Kef, Zod, Aht

««kef»» Romans:Jupiter:fifth/equatorialdiameter142,796km/778.3millionkmfrom sun/11.86yearrevolution/>=14moons/saturnlikerings Greeks:Zeus zod. zodiac capricorn/sagittarius/scorpio/libra/virgo/leo/cancer/gemini/taurus/aries/pisces/aquarius animaginarybeltextending8degreesoneachsideoftheeclipticandcontainingtheapparentpathsofthesunmoonandprincipalplanetsthrough12constellationsorsigns adiagramrepresentingthis acircuitorround zillion anextremelylargeindeterminatenumber/jocular(jocosejokingjestingfacetious)alterationofmillionbillionetc folie a deux sharingofdelusionalideasbytwopeoplewhoarecloselyassociated folie de grandeur adelusionofgrandeur/megalomania foible(fault) minorweaknessorfailingofcharacter/aquirkoreccentricityofcharacter/thepartofaswordbetweenthemiddleandthepointlessstrongthantheforte> forte(n) astrongpointasofapersonanabilityorroleinwhichoneexcels/specialty/thepartofaswordbetweenthehilt(thehandleofaswordordagger/thehandleofanyweaponortool(v.t.)tofurnishwithahilt/(idiom)tothemaximumextentordegreecompletelyfully)andthemiddlestrongerthanthefoible forte(adj) loudwithforce/loudly/(n)apassagethatisloudandforcibleorisintendedtobeso Read more »

January 2003: Herium Chat Puffs

puffy puffer dimsum dive in? mother puffer huffin and uh puufinn puff puff gassy puffs gas ape gass man total gass melt your eyeballsss herium gass ape barroon ape nails (rape nails) (ape hairs) gassadness gassedness smak em if ya got em smak it up botch smakky smak smak rope arm of the raw riving a rife of crimb noodle shooter noddle pooter high crime high time bustah rhyme the aht of warh war MONger hahr whahr !!! huh! MONstraw city mohnstraw of rearity of rock monster of rear alley tree back woods bedlam hard wood ram ha! sweet hard […] Read more »

January 2003: Saturday Night Art Chat

january 2003 ~9:30pm :::> <binary>ok <@omik>what are you up to <binary>DLa 17 <binary>marathon <binary>layout <@omik>doin layout n sh*t? <@omik>ah yeh? <@omik>oh yeah!!! <@omik>baby. <binary>ahh yeh <binary>and it is sweet indeed <@omik>any perks yet? <binary>like buttAH <binary>i need a smoke <@omik>already? <@omik>chat a spell – smell. <@omik>here it comes <binary>its been hourz <@omik>maybe we should leave the cold smoker pic up there as a break signal? <binary>ok <binary>yesss.. <binary>yes. <@omik>how long you been working on the layout? <@omik>are you almost done?!! <@omik>how is coming along? <@omik>having any problems? <@omik>did you use all the goods? <@omik>my but itches? <@omik>buttox <@omik>botox <@omik>viral injection […] Read more »

January 2003

20003 breathe think fast sleep read work release paint draw love cherish moments feelings difference real Read more »

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